Yachting Department

 Freyshot Marine provides an innovative service no longer based on a simple activity of brokerage but focused on an exclusive, personalised and complete consulting service aimed at the most demanding and expert customers.

The keystone of this new reality will be to treat the client and his operations thinking of the luxury that they take place in them; therefore not a mere broker, often without license, but rather a manager, a consultant, a professional, who together with the client can share common interests. The client, once perceived to deal with an interlocutor who can understand his needs and share his lifestyle choices, will naturally entrust Freyshot Marine with the management of a an asset such as a yacht, his own holidays (charter) the sale and / or purchase of his dream.

 In the last few years, customers and shipowners have often been treated, not with the care and assistance they would need when buying a new boat or buying and selling a second hand one, chartering or management of their holiday. It is from this reflection that Freyshot Marine proposes a new concept of yachting consulting a highly professional service (commercial / technical / legal) guaranteed by over thirty years of experience and professional ability of the Freyshot Marine team, from a desire to offer a complete service that goes beyond pure advice but thanks to the philosophy of good living can give some useful suggestions to use their yachts and yachting, thus leaving the owners, the pleasure of using yachts, both owned and chartered, without the technical / management problems of the same.

Operation Departments

Freyshot Marine is involved in:

  • New buildings
  • Refitting and repairs
  • Sale/purchase
  • Chartering

Freyshot Marine, thanks to the thirty-year experience in the construction of mega-yachts that counts, is able to realise on behalf of the Customer:

  • Technical specifications
  • general plans
  • basic description
  • list of suppliers
  • features interiors with specialised suppliers
  • site selection based on geographical location, budget, guarantees, experience, characteristics of the structure, etc.
  • legal assistance during the negotiation and drafting of the construction contract surveillance during the construction of the yacht until final delivery.


Building a superyacht is a uniquely thrilling experience for any owner, from the very first sparks of inspiration through to finally taking delivery and her maiden voyage. The process involves a great number of decisions by the owner, so having the support of a knowledgeable and experienced team behind he will be imperative to ensuring things run smoothly for his yacht’s construction.

The excitement, enjoyment and unique sense of fulfilment that comes when his first experience a boat he has created. That's the results we give our clients. Our strong team of Naval Architects, Technical Managers and Marine Engineers assures that the highest standards are met at every stage without compromise. We will protect the value of our client investment leaving him free to indulge his imagination and enjoy the build process...

Refitting and Repairs

Our departments are equipped to meet the Customer needs:

  • Assistance of the world leader brands;
  • Processing of Fiberglass, Metals, Stainless Steel Inox, Carbon, Kevlar and Carbon-Kevlar;
  • hull repairs, cleaning, antifouling and/or full painting cycle
  • superstructure repairs, painting cycle
  • Storage and logistic supply;
  • Tender services;
  • Engineering repairs and/or services;
  • Processing of Fiberglass, Metals, Stainless Steel Inox, Carbon, Kevlar and Carbon-Kevlar;
  • Hull wooden renovation, teak decks and interior design jobs by using exotic woods;
  • Standard and gelcoat painting;
  • Electrical / piping and hydraulic department.


The Customer, through the activities of P.R. and marketing will come into contact with the Freyshot Marine with the aim of selling his boat.

Any of the mentioned yachts for sale will be inspected and checked by trusted technicians thanks to which Freyshot Marine will release a detailed technical report / specification and commercial / legal due diligence.

The yacht will be placed in the market through an appropriate distribution on specialised internet platforms, through the newsletter of the Freyshot Marine corporate website, through information to brokers belonging to our network.


The Customer, through the activities of P.R. and marketing will come into contact with the Freyshot Marine with the aim of buying a boat available on the second hand market or in advanced construction or prompt delivery.

Freyshot Marine will acquire all the information and wishes of the buyer to select the suitable yacht, then initially proceed to scan the suitable yacht among those available in our database of boat for sale under construction or under its central agency or with a direct sales authorisation from respectively owner.

In any of the above mentioned scenarios, Freyshot Marine will provide its client with full advisory service such as:

  • Visiting of the yachts
  • selection of the suitable one
  • Condition surveying
  • Sea trials
  • Commercial assistance during the negotiation
  • Legal assistance during the negotiation as well as during the stipulation of the sale contract.
  • Bureaucratic fulfilment till the delivery of the yacht


A luxury yacht charter is the perfect situation for exploring some of the most beautiful locations of the world.

Imagine... a 6 starts hotel with a ratio of one staff to every guest; a gourmet cuisine of your choice restaurant, a resort where you can have the company of your friends any time for as long as you are there; a different location every day that enables you to decide where and when to go, at your own pace... the ideal place where relax undisturbed by outsiders...

We must think of the Freyshot Marine not as a brokerage company but as an advisor alongside the client (both private and institutional) that really takes care of the latter's interests.