T.O.T. (transfer of technology)

In addition to the delivery of mere naval units, Freyshot Marine, with the naval engineering studio Caputi Studio specializing in the project and consultancy for the production of military and labor units for 25 years, can guarantee the client a whole series of benefits and opportunities for industrial development on the ground that would allow the central and / or local government to obtain several results: not only the "simple" acquisition of patrol boats / working boats / commercial vessel, but also positive elements from the economic- social-occupational, through the acquisition of internal knowledge, the professional training of local personnel and the start-up or enhancement of a shipyard that could satisfy domestic demand, as well as represent an opportunity for development for export to bordering countries. The important financial aspect for the country must also be taken into consideration. In fact, unlike a simple acquisition of vessels abroad through international competition, almost all of the economic resources that the Government would necessarily have to allocate to the acquisition of such naval units would remain in the country in the form of salary and payment of Goods and services offered on the spot. Finally, everything inherent in the maintenance and the after-sales assistance of the naval units is of great importance in the operation. To this end, training will be given to local shipyard personnel, without having to commission the work from foreign shipyards, resulting in a significant cost reduction and intervention time, and full autonomy will be guaranteed in subsequent years.

During the operation, Freyshot Marine would execute and carry out the following operations:

  1. investigations, inspections, technical analysis and choice of the appropriate place in a space established by the authorities. Such space would be located next to the sea and could be as much of an existing shipyard as of one outside that should be reconditioned, or a space in which to build a new shipyard. In addition, the space could respond to the needs of the Government, such as the industrial development of a specific strategic space or the improvement and reuse of an area from an industrial point of view;
  2. analysis and indication of resources in terms of structure and personnel employed for the organization of the various sectors in a shipyard: design, warehouse, logistics, production, testing, marketing, communication, etc .;
  3. search of local and / or international suppliers of machinery and materials for the installation and supply necessary to begin with the industrial construction of fiberglass and light alloy craft;
  4. search, selection and training of personnel involved in the management of a shipyard engaged in production and maintenance;
  5. hiring of specialized personnel, designers and technicians, who would reside in the territory during the training phase of local personnel - workers, technicians or managers;
  6. transfer of the molds of the naval units that are in the catalog of Freyshot Marine / Caputi Studio to the local shipyard;
  7. the projects of the naval units in the Freyshot Marine catalog are made available in the country.
  8. improvement of knowledge and experience in the construction of naval units, which are derived from the more than 25 years of supply to Cantieri Navali del Golfo - the oldest customer;
  9. internal organization of the shipyard: from the project office to the procurement department, from the administration to the organization of the production sections. All this thanks to the training provided by Italian designers and engineers who would support the professionals chosen for the corresponding positions. There is also a sufficiently long period of practical training;
  10. support during all the time necessary to achieve the independence of the structure from the point of view of the production and the management of the shipyard;
  11. Support during the design phase and participation in future competitions, both in the architectural and engineering field as well as in the marketing area, as well as to resolve technical and bureaucratic issues to participate in international contracts.