Building a vessel, means finding synergies between technology, environmental balance and harmony, without an element prevails . The construction of a vessel means for the Client the satisfaction starting with the idea of realization reaching its peak at the time of delivery.

The achievement of such target is our task

This approach combines and amalgamates the four basic factors for the success the venture:

  • Engineering
  • Quality control
  • Customization
  • Environment


For such a reason, Freyshot Marine has decided to avail themselves of the collaboration of Caputistudio, one of the most well-known design’s firm in the field of shipbuilding, Defence, Offshore vessels, Commercial, and Pleasure, as a Design Authority for all construction and refitting. The partnership with the technical team of Arch. Gianluca Caputi is a guarantee of quality and application of the design philosophy of the shipyard.

The values we trust as a dogma are:

  • Technical Overview
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Design created by those who truly knows and loves the sea
  • Design based on experience and knowledge
  • Production cycle driven by excellence
  • Sharing the passion of doing good

They represent the fundamental values which Freyshot is inspiring itself by and is sharing these same values with their customers through their construction, either a defence vessel or a commercial vessel.